The 4th HPC Latin America Symposium (HPCLatAm2011) will take place in Córdoba City, Argentina, from August 31 to September 1.
HPCLatAm2011 will be part of the 40th Argentine Conference of Informatics (40 JAIIO), the international conference of the Argentine Society for Informatics (SADIO). The Symposium will share registration process, locations and social events with 40 JAIIO.

HPCLatAm2011 is the 4th in a series of successful annual meetings of a young but growing community of scientist and practitioners of the HPC in Latin America. The first three editions proved that the HPC community in the region is steadely growing. The conference aims to bring together researchers, developers, and users of HPC to discuss new ideas, experiences, and problems. The main goal of HPCLatAm2011 is to provide a regional forum fostering the growth of the HPC community in Latin America through the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, techniques, and research in HPC.

The Symposium will feature invited talks from academy and industry, tutorials, short- and full-paper sessions presenting both mature work and new ideas in research and industrial applications.

The previous editions of HPCLatAm were held in Santa Fé, Argentina (2008), Mar del Plata, Argentina (2009), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010).

Conference Topics

Suggested topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:
Distributed and Grid Computing.
Parallel Algorithms and Architectures.
High Performance Applications.
High Performance Software Tools.
Virtualization in High Performance Computing.
Visualization and Data Management.
Cloud Computing.
Tools and Environments for High Performance System Engineering.
Component Technologies for High Performance Computing.
Parallelism and Data Sharing on Multi-core Architectures.
Graphics Processing Units in High Performance Computing.
Country-wide Grid Initiatives.

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