Accepted Full Papers (ordered by submission number)

F. Raimondo, J. Kamienkowski, D. Fernández Slezak
GPU optimization of electroencephalogram analysis

C. A. Carballal, J. L. Hamkalo, B. Cernuschi‐Frías
Cache Sharing Administration for Performance Fairness using D3C Miss Classification in Chip Multi‐Processors

P. Ezzatti, E. S. Quintana‐Ortí, A. Remón
Solving Algebraic Riccati Equations on Hybrid CPU‐GPU Platforms

S. García, S. Iturriaga, S. Nesmachnow
Scientfic computing in the Latin America‐Europe GISELA grid infrastructure

C. S. Bederian, A. D. Dente
Boosting quantum evolutions using Trotter‐Suzuki algorithms on GPUs

A. M. Printista, F. Saez
Effective Use of Multicore Clusters in Parallel Cellular Automata

P. C. Tissera, A. M. Printista, M. Errecalde
Multi‐column Partitioning for Agent‐based CA Model

S. A. Salinas, C. G. Garino, A. Zunino
Sistema de predicción y evaluación de disponibilidad operativa de recursos en Desktop Grids

C. Perez, F. Piccoli
Towards the Specification of the GPU using Performance Parameters

D. Monge, J. Belohradský, C. García Garino, F. Zelezný
A Performance Prediction Module for Workflow Scheduling

D. González Márquez, D. Fernández Slezak, P. Turjanski, E. Mocskos
Gaining insight in the analysis of performance for Resource Monitoring and Discovery in Grids

Accepted Short Papers (ordered by submission number)

G. Bianchini, P. Caymes‐Scutari
Uncertainty Reduction Method Based on Statistics and Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms

P. Caymes‐Scutari, G. Bianchini
Environment for the Automatic Development and Tuning of Parallel Genetic Algorithms

M. Vázquez, P. Lafortune, G. Houzeaux, R. Arís
Parallel Electromechanical model of the heart

Accepted Posters (ordered by submission number)

E. Ravera, F. Ferrer
Poster: Customizable Diskless Solution for HPC Clusters

M. Guzmán
Poster: Intel(r) Cluster Checker Multilanguage API